Beabulls are smaller than purebred English Bulldogs, weighing on average, 30-40 pounds. (basically, the average of the Beagle and English bulldog breeds) Beabulls tend to be stocky, similar to the English Bulldog. Since both Beagles and Bulldogs have shorter legs, Beabull's reflect this trait. 

There are many genetic advantages to a Beabull, over a purebred English Bulldog. It is a simple fact of science that the broader the genetic base, the lower the potential for problems. By combining the genetics of two bloodlines that have not been mixed for centuries, the result is fewer problems passed on. This is not to put down the English Bulldog breed, well-bred Bulldogs can be as healthy as any mix. However, overall, Beabulls tend to be healthier than purebred Bulldogs. Their nose is longer, which helps them breathe easier than a purebred English Bulldog. They are not as sensitive to hot climates. They have cute wrinkles, but the wrinkles are not as deep or as tight, which in turn is less problematic. The dog on the right is a Beabull that favors the Beagle breed. 

Beabulls have smaller heads, which means they can be delivered naturally. Most purebred 
English Bulldog births are done via C-section. A less complicated birth means healthier puppies, healthier momma, and lower costs, which means Beabull puppies usually cost less than English Bulldog puppies.