Elsa is an energetic Labradoodle female with a gorgeous reddish coat. She loves her family and is always looking for attention. Elsa is 1/2 Labrador Retriever and 1/2 Standard Poodle. Her offspring will be sired by a standard poodle male thus resulting in 3/4 poodle puppies or more technical F1-B Labradoodles.  She is a first time mom to 10 adorable puppies.

Labradoodle Basics

A popular hybrid dogs for families, the Labradoodle has been gaining popularity with dog lovers for a variety of reasons. Also known as Double Doodle, Tri Doodle, Standard Labradoodle, Australian Labradoodle and Multi-Generational Labradoodle, this breed is still relatively new on the scene. Even though it was bred to be a hypoallergenic guide dog, this breed has become a favorite in households around the world. And we’re not surprised – wonderful with kids, boundless energy, playful and loving, the Labradoodle fits into most household situations.

*We provide transportation for our puppies and have had a 100% success rate with our  puppies traveling all over North America. Arrangements can be made by contacting us. Transportation costs are usually around $450.00 above the cost of the puppy.

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