Health & Nutrition

All our adult dogs are supplemented with Doc Roy’s Daily Care Canine Vitamins every day. We recommend our puppies be supplemented with natural wild alaskan salmon oil as this supports your dog’s heart, joints, brain, skin, coat, and immune system. It may also help reduce certain allergies and, weight loss. Consistent exercise requires the body to perform a dual function. Those are to heal stressed muscles and to build them back up stronger. A nutrient deficiency prevents muscles from recovering. Vitamins ensure that your pet gets the most out of their workout without hurting themselves.


PLEASE DO NOT OVER FEED YOUR DOG! Follow manufacture directions. Over feeding dogs is the greatest cause of cancer and joint problems in dogs. Keep them physically fit with top quality food in the correct quantity and plenty of exercise. Other than an occasional treat of scrambled eggs, some cheeses including cottage cheese we highly discourage human food given to dogs. Dog feed with corn, soy, or wheat products is also discouraged and not recommended. Cooked beef bones from your local butcher can be a healthy treat also. No chicken or turkey bones recommended!