Designer Beabull Puppies for Sale in Anchor Bay Shores Michigan

Blue Diamond Rare Colored BEABULL PUPS can be delivered right to your door in Anchor Bay Shores!

Blue Diamond Beabull Pups are considered ¾ Beabull puppies and can be delivered to Anchor Bay Shores.  They are also known as  F1b pups-meaning a 2nd generation Beabull puppy. All our current beabull moms are ½ Beagle and ½ English Bulldog, making them a traditional beabull themselves. The mom is then bred back to a AKC Registered English Bulldog male that isn’t related. 

We usually have a few Unique Colored Beabull Puppies!

In each litter of beabull pups, we are usually blessed with a few unique Lilac or Lilac Merle colored puppies in each litter.  These puppies are unique and highly sought after.  

 Our adult beabulls typically weigh between 40-55 pounds once they are adults.  They usually reach an average height of 16-18 inches at the shoulders.   The life expectancy of a beabull is normally 10-13 years of age.   

Our second-generation beabulls are usually smaller in size than a purebred English Bulldog and have a lot of added benefits and genetic advantages over registered English bulldogs.  They usually have a longer muzzle that allows them to breathe better than the snub nose of the bulldog.  The beabulls wrinkles are usually not as deep and tight as the English Bulldog’s making them easier to keep clean and have fewer skin issues.  Giving your beabull regular baths will help keep their coats clean and shiny.    

So if you live near Anchor Bay Shores Michigan and are looking for a healthy and beautiful beabull puppy then check out are available pups now by Clicking Here.

Below are some beabull pups that have been adopted.

Best Anchor Bay Shores beabull pups for sale.
Litter of Blue Diamond Puppies for sale in Anchor Bay Shores Michigan.
Female Beabull puppy from Anchor Bay Shores sleeping on a blanket.
Blue Diamond Family Pups in Anchor Bay Shores
Anchor Bay Shores Michigan Beabull Puppy Blue Diamond Family Pups
Blue Diamond Beabul Puppy playing in a Anchor Bay Shores yard.