If you’re looking for the best Mini Labradoodle puppies then Blue Diamond Family Pups has you covered.  We raise high-quality Mini Labradoodles as well as a few other breeds.  We also have partnered up with several other reputable breeders that raise mini labradoodle pups that meet our strict genetic criteria and testing.   So we usually have a good selection of very high-quality puppies.   If you go to our mini labradoodle available puppies page and don’t see any puppies or one that pulls on your heart, call us or drop us an email and ask when we might be having another litter.

Blue Diamond Mini Labradoodles puppies are either F1B Mini Labradoodles or F1BB Mini Labradoodles.  

F1B Mini Labradoodle Puppies are a second-generation cross or hybrid. The father is a Mini Poodle and the mother is an F1 Labradoodle.  The F1B Minature Labradoodles usually have soft hair that is usually wavy or curly.   Thes puppies are considered semi-hypoallergenic since they shed minimally.  These puppies can be a good fit if a person that has mild pet allergies.   Once F1B Mini Labradoodles reach 6 months old they require to be groomed once every 8 weeks or so to keep their fur healthy and to stop matting. Adult F1B Mini labradoodle dogs range in size from 14 -16 inches in height and 25-45 pounds in weight.  The average life span is typically 12-14 years of age. 


F1BB Mini Labradoodle Puppies are a third-generation cross or hybrid. The father is a Mini Poodle but the mother is an F1B Labradoodle.  The F1BB puppies usually have curlier coats and will be totally hypoallergenic.   The F1BB Minature Labradoodles are a great choice for anyone who has severe pet allergies.  Once the F1BB pup is 6 months they will need regular grooming every 6 to 8 weeks.   F1BB Puppies are usually slightly smaller than F1B puppies and range from 12 -14 inches in height and 25-30 pounds in weight. The average life span is typically 13-15 years of age.  

Both the F1B and F1BB puppies are typically very playful and loving.  Mini Labradoodles are known for their intelligence and the ability to be trained very easily.   They make amazing family pets and love to participate in family activities like swimming, hiking, camping or just playing tag in the yard.   This breed is also a good choice for people who live in apartments as long as they get at least 30-40 minutes of exercise a day.


So if you live near Bennington Vermont and are looking for a healthy and beautiful Mini Labradoodle puppy that can be delivered to you then check out our available pups now by Clicking Here.

Below are some Mini Labradoodle pups that have been adopted.

Best Bennington Mini Labradoodle pups for sale.
Litter of Blue Diamond Puppies for sale in Bennington Vermont.
Female Mini Labradoodle puppy from Bennington sleeping on a blanket.
Blue Diamond Family Pups in Bennington
Bennington Vermont Mini Labradoodle Puppy Blue Diamond Family Pups
Blue Diamond Mini Labradoodle Puppy playing in Bennington.