Helpful tips

1.Get a puppy crate. It makes house training much easier.

2.Let your puppy sleep in the bedroom, at least the first few nights. This whole experience is scary for a pup. Don't make him sleep in the laundry room. Put a crate next to your bed so you can reassure him.

 3. Baby gates are your friend. Use them to keep the puppy out of places you don't want her to destroy.

4. Supervise. Supervise. Supervise. If you cannot watch him like a hawk, he needs to be in his crate or in his "room", see below.


5.Set up a puppy room for when you can't supervise. Pick a small area like a bathroom or kitchen, block it off with baby gates. Add a bed in one corner and pee pads or a dog "toilet" in another.


6. Pick a potty spot. If you don't want Sparky pooping all over the yard as an adult , pick one area and take him directly there when it's potty time.

7.Set a daily routine. House training proceeds more smoothly if your puppy knows what to expect from her day.

8.Enroll in a puppy class. Your pup will learn some basic obedience, but the real benefit of puppy classes is socialization with other puppies and people.

9. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Not all advice is good advice. Take everything with a grain of salt. Even my advice!

10. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Discuss the puppy rules with your whole family. Figure out who will do what, and when. Pick one set of training cues and stick with them.

Puppy Care Package

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Male: Poodle

Male: Poodle

Puppy Care Package includes

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3 day supply of Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food- Free with the purchase of a puppy

 Peanut Butter or soft chewy smoke Flavored Puppy training treats-$13.99

12 oz. Bio Groom Super-White Puppy Shampoo that we use on each puppy $14.99

3 oz. Bath&Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Lotion $16.99

Food and Water Dishes $9.99

Puppy Chew Toy & Puppy Scented Sibling Blanket $22.99 (Blanket Homemade) 

Adjustable Training Crate with Fleece Pet Bed 24L/18W/19H $79.99(All black crate is available upon request)

Harness, Collar, & Leash Combo Set $38.99 (Locally Handmade)

New item: Sibling Scented Heartbeat Puppy (sold separately-not included in Puppy Care Pak) $39.99- Please order thru Paypal below. Thank you!


Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy
37.5 # $55.99
Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed- for Cavapoos
37.5 # $65.99
Puppy Treats
Bath& Body Lotion
Puppy Shampoo
3 oz. $16.99
Food & Water Dishes
Harness, Collar & Leash Combo 
Sibling Scented Blanket & Boy Toy
Sibling Scented Blanket & Girl Toy
Adjustable Training Crate with Fleece Bed 24L 18W 19H 
                     Black crate is also available upon request  
Sibling Scented Heartbeat Puppy