We absolutely love our babies! We enjoyed MyLo so much we had to return and get Miso!

MyLo and Miso



A great big thank you again for our wonderful boys! They are now 19 weeks old and full of fun. The brothers love to get together to play. Everyone who meets them fall in love with them and their beautiful coats. They both have gentle and loving temperaments and are very smart and easily trainable. They have both learned many new tricks already! The vet was very impressed with their health and the overall care they received. We couldn’t imagine our family and homes without them!!!

Oakley (Boomer) & Sully (Rojo)


Hillary Bergman

Esther and her family made adopting a dog such a seamless experience. They were willing to answer any of our questions and were extremely timely in communications. It is clear that the dogs are well cared-for before they go off to their forever homes. We look forward to the day when we can get Lenox a sibling from them!

Lenox (previously Denzel)

Brittany Spoodle

Matt Leighow

We got Sugar in January of 2020 and she has been such a joy for our family. She is so wonderfully weird, always doing things that make us think. She loves any kind of ball and her benebones, but the two things she can’t ever be without are warm, snuggly blankets and her stuffies. She is so loving and full of energy. She’s obedient but has some of that bulldog stubbornness too. Our vet is continually amazed each time we bring her in for her checkups and vaccinations. The latest compliment we got was Sugar’s great teeth. Our vet said that she has incredible genes. We’re so grateful that sugar is part of our family. I highly recommend getting a puppy from Blue Diamond.




I had a wonderful experience with Esther. She was so supportive answering my questions through emails and phone calls. The puppy arrived safe and sound, and is healthy and doing great! He gets along with my younger nieces and nephew and we’re slowly training so he can have freedom to roam the house. Thanks again!

Koselig (formerly Jose)



These two are the sweetest, smartest pups! Full of fun and loads of love. Inseparable siblings.

Kasie & Tully


Tacia Livensparger

Meet Koko! We got him from you guys last Thanksgiving and he is the greatest addition to our family! He is the perfect dog and goes everywhere with us! He just turned 1 in September! We love him so much!


Mini Brittany Poodle

Poloney family

We just wanted to share an update on Hiccup. He’s an awesome puppy and has been a perfect addition to our family! Everyone at our vets office can’t get over how cute and sweet he is. He was the calmest puppy ever! He’s great with all the other animals here, chickens, goats, cats, he loves them all and is very gentle them. My daughter is his very favorite person in the house and he follows her everywhere and waits at the door if she goes outside without him. He’s just been the BEST and if we ever get another puppy, it’ll be a bernedoodle for sure!!


Mini Bernedoodle

Theresa M Murray

We love Holly! She came into our home December 16 at 8 weeks as a pup from Alice and Leo. She is sweet and fun as can be! She loves to cuddle and also to have fun playing games. We hit the jackpot with Holly!



      Cane "Beabull"
cane 4.jpg

Cane is such a loving smart boy! He enjoys agility courses, swimming, and long walks with zero breathing issues! He is also totally happy to lay around and cuddle all day. He loves everyone and we love him! 

      Skyy "Beabull"
beabull skyy pic from customer.png

"She is amazing, thank you so much. We love her."

      Bailey "Beabull"
Marc and kelly review.png

I just wanted to say thank you one more time for this sweet girl. She is adjusting well and everyone who meets her loves her. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

We are in love with this mischievous little one. She keeps us on our toes and there is never a dull moment,  but she continues to bring happiness to our family .... It's hard to believe this sweet girl has been with us 8 weeks now.She continues to get everyone's attention when we are out. She has had multiple pics taken from strangers! She eats up the attention of others and strives to please us. She has learned many commands and tricks, sleeps all night in her kennel, and is completely potty trained! We have referred many people to your website. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her! Our hearts are full with her. Thanks again for such an amazing Beabull!

Marc and Kelli from Tennessee

      Leo " Labradoodle"
Saffron "Mini Labradoodle"

We took him to the Vet today. The doctor said "the breeder has done an excellent job of taking care of this puppy. the documentation is terrific and he has received great care." He said Leo is a happy, healthy puppy. thank you for such a great dog. - Joe Bartone from CA

      Sinclair "Mini Labradoodle"
Belle  "Beabull"
Margaret Dill Review pic.png

Belle is doing great! She now weighs 17 pounds at 14 weeks old and is doing amazingly well with potty training.She is very vocal, letting me know when she wants out ,wants food or is feeling ignored. She can be sassy when i tell her no!She goes to work with me and stays with me when i teach piano.She loves people,especially kids but is still warming up to other dogs.The vet says she is very healthy and everyone who meets her loves her.I love her and look forward to a long happy relationship with this special little girl.

Sweet Pea ( mini bernedoodle)
Sweet Pea Bernedoodle review pic.png

Just an update, Sweet Pea our Mini Bernedoodle puppy is doing great - potty training is going well, etc. She is really a sweetie! Loves being with a group as well as just us- so fun! She greets my husbund so happily when he comes home from work- He loves it! 

                             Thank You! Cindy from MI

Lyshka (mini bernedoodle)
mini berne review Lyshka.png


This is a updated picture of Lyshka. We sooo love her! At 4 months old she is only 11 pounds!

   Thank You! Teresa from Bothell,  Washington 

      Harley "Mini Labradoodle"
harley review pic.png

     Our Fur baby Came home April 17th. Since the day we adopted him from the site, it has been a wonderful experience. Blue Diamond Family Pups was extremely professional and courteous with us throughout the adoption. We received a response each time we asked a question as we went through the entire process. Harley was delivered on time as promised, came clean and smelling good. He acclimated to our home very well. Awesome temperament and very loving puppy. We are very grateful to Blue Diamond Family Pups for helping us find our fur baby. I can not say enough good things about the entire adoption. We are glad he is home with us and my children and are over the moon!! He is a joy.

                            Jennifer C.  from Maryland

Ruby Michelle Hoffstra.png


This is Ruby ( aka Mia) from your 2019 litter. Parents are Tiny and Louie. She is a great pup and well socialized! Thanks for your breeding and care , she enjoys all aspects of adventure as well as our 11 grand kids. This pic was taken yesterday on her 1st boating trip. Thanks again for such a wonderful pup!

              Brian & Michelle


Mylo past litter pic.jpg


Mylo is awesome! We love her so much. She is quite the daddy's girl. Thank you for such a great pup!

                      Mindy Johnson