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Hello From Blue Diamond Family Pups

We are a family of seven and live on a 10-acre mini-farm.  Dean, Esther, and five beautiful children, along with our pets, make our family complete. Dean hobby grazes beef cattle. We have a cat named Miles, Trigger, the horse, and of course, our beloved dogs. Can you tell our family is all animal lovers?

Why Choose Us?

Clean Bill Of Health

We strive to have all of our dogs' health tested and clear of all hereditary diseases and issues before offering our puppies for sale. This ensures that you will receive a happy, healthy puppy for life.

We Are Family

Our dogs truly are family, and we care for them as God's creation with love and respect. We invite you to visit our home and get to know our animals and us.  Schedule a visit or call.

Health & Nutrition

 We take great pride in the health, nutrition, and well-socialized nature of our puppies. All puppies are vet checked and vaccinated to ensure a happy, healthy puppy.

Visits Welcome

Trust is a significant factor when choosing a breeder, whether you are looking for beabull puppies or bernedoodles. That is why we invite you into our home and welcome any questions you may have! All Sunday payments, reservations, and contacts will be confirmed on Monday. Thank You!