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December 11, 2021

Complete Puppy Adoption Package

What’s Included in your Complete Puppy Adoption Package 

1. Each puppy will be Micro Chipped- Customers can register @ 

2. Each puppy will be fully vaccinated-a paper copy of the BDFP Vaccination & Deworming  Records that shall be shown to your Vet on your new puppy’s 1st visit. Always follow your Vet’s recommendations as each region has different vaccination & deworming requirements. 

3. A paper copy of your 1 Year Health Guarantee

4. A 3 day supply of Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food is sent along home with each puppy-more is available to buy on or Amazon

5. A sample Package of NuVet Plus-a daily immune booster support. Made with real chicken liver and human grade ingredients. NuVet Plus comes in a small wafer and makes a great daily treat. To order NuVet Plus call 1-800-474-7044 Order Code 352245. This product is comes highly recommended by the family here at Blue Diamond Family Pups!

6. A Copy of the results of your puppy’s 1st Vet visit 

7. A cuddly Chew Toy 

8. A tube of Nutri-Cal-a 5oz nutritional vitamin & calorie gel that stimulates appetites for picky eaters -each puppy is trained to lick a small dab of this tasty supplement at the sound of tsk each day during the weaning process. This can be used for your puppy’s training treats. Nutri-Cal helps fend off hypoglycemia (low sugar) as well as helps your puppy adapt to new surroundings.  Continue on this supplement until it is all gone. 

9. The My New Puppy Feeding Instructions paperwork-info on when each of your puppy’s  meals should occur-total amount that they are eating each day 

10. To make the transition as easy and non-stressful as possible , a sibling scented puppy blanket is included with the purchase of each puppy. This helps your new puppy stay comfortable on long drives during pickups or when traveling to their new home with our awesome delivery service!

11. Our goal here at Blue Diamond Family Pups is to provide the best possible customer puppy adoption experience as well as provide your next furry friend at a reasonable price.