AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies For Sale In Avondale, Illinois

Blue Diamond Bernese Mountain Dog Pups Can Be Delivered Right To Your Door In Avondale!

If you’re looking for the best AKC (American Kennel Club) Registered Bernese Mountain Dog  puppies, then Blue Diamond Family Pups have you covered.  We raise a few litters of awesome Bernese Mountain Dogs each year, as well as a few other breeds.  We have partnered with several other high-quality “Bernie” breeders that raise pups that meet our strict genetic criteria and testing.   If you go to our available puppies page and don’t see any puppies or one that pulls on your heart, call us or drop us an email or join our newsletter to find out when we might be having another Bernese litter.

Here at Blue Diamond Family Pups, we strive to raise the highest quality of Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies possible.   All of our adult female Berners are AKC registered and we always make sure to breed them to AKC Registered males that are OFA Hip Certified to make sure we have the highest quality puppies available.   

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs have great temperaments, and personalities, they are hard-working and always eager to please.

Blue Diamond Bernese Mountain Dogs usually mature weighing around 75-100 pounds and 25-27 inches to the top of the back.   Males tend to be larger in size compared to females.    Due to their large size, the life expectancy of a Berner is shorter than a lot of other breeds,  the average lifespan is around 6-8 years.  Even with the shorter lifespan having a Bernese as part of the family will be one of the best choices you will make.     

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being loyal, loving, and very gentle personalities.  Many times they are referred to as Gentle Giants.

Bernese Puppies make wonderful pets and are easily trained. Because of their gentle and loyal nature, they make amazing service dogs. 

Don’t let their big size fool you,  they are very active, they require at least thirty minutes of exercise per day to stay in shape and mentally and physically.  Bernese Mountain Dogs do shed a lot, but frequent brushing and bathing help keep it under control.   

Bernese Mountain Dogs get very attached and devoted to their human families and are amazing with kids.  So if you live near Avondale and are looking for a healthy and beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog puppy then check out our available pups now by Clicking Here.


Best AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Breeder Avondale, Illinois. Blue Diamond Family Pups.
Avondale, Illinois AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Pups Pups from Blue Diamond Kennels.
Amazingly cute Bernese Mountain Dog puppy for sale in Avondale, Illinois.
Gorgeous multi-colored Bernese Mnt. Dog Puppy from Avondale, Illinois. Blue Diamond Family Pups.
AKC multi-colored Bernese mountain Dog from Blue Diamond Family Pups. Avondale, Illinois.
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Premier Colored Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy in Avondale, Illinois from Blue Diamond Family Pups.
Avondale, IllinoisBernese Mountain Dog Puppies for sale by Blue Diamond Family Pups Kennel.
Beautiful Blue Diamond Tri Colored Bernese Pup from Avondale, Illinois.