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December 10, 2021

New Puppy Checklist

When adopting a puppy there are a few things you will need to make sure you have a successful puppy adoption. Below is our list of things you should consider getting before bringing your puppy home. We have a couple of puppy packs that are available for purchase when buying a puppy from Blue Diamond. The Blue Diamond Complete puppy care pack that is shown above is available for $195.95 when picking up your puppy at the kennel.

If your choose to have your puppy delivered by ground delivery or kennel pickup you can get our Blue Diamond Value Pack ($99.95) delivered with your puppy.

Blue Diamond Value Puppy Starter Pack

Blue Diamond New Puppy Checklist-Items needed for successful adoption

1. Pee pads – Not everyone uses pee pads during the process of potty training them. People who don’t have easy access to outdoor potty areas can utilize puppy pads during the early stages when your puppy has to go pee a lot more frequently.

2. Puppy Food– We highly recommend Purina Pro Plan puppy food. 


3. Chew/Teething Toys – Puppies love to chew things as they grow, it is just part of a puppy learning their new world. Another reason puppies chew is they can have discomfort or pain when new teeth are coming in. Chew toys also help keep your puppy’s teeth clean and keep them from getting bored. So pick up a bunch of different types of chew toys to see which kind and style they prefer best, it will help save objects like shoes, socks, and other stuff around the house.

4. Heartbeat Puppy Pal – This is a very important item that will help your puppy with separation anxiety and stress from missing his littermates. If you let us know ahead of time we place your Heartbeat puppy in with the litter so it will have their smell on it also which really helps.

Heart Beat Puppy with littermate smell. $59.95. Just let us know if you want one for your puppy.

5. Harness-Collar-Leash – a quality harness instead of a lead and collar is a better choice when starting to teach your puppy to walk with you on a lead.

This is a custom Harness that we sell at Blue Diamond family Pups. $79.95

6. Food Dishes – Having quality food dishes allows your pet to identify them as their own dishes and that is where they eat and drink.

7. Puppy Treats- One thing almost all dog trainers recommend is using treats for training and good behavior. We highly recommend Lifes Abundance Dog Treats. They can be purchased and delivered right to your door. Link Goes Here.

8. Puppy Shampoo – It is important to give your puppy baths regularly to keep their coats clean and smelling good. We recommend Lifes Abundance Puppy Shampoo. You can get it here and have it delivered right to your door.

9. Puppy Bath fresh Mist-blow dry after spraying for a longer-lasting scent. You can find our recommended fresh mint spray here and have it delivered right to your door.

10. Ear Wash/Cleaner – This formula contains a special botanical blend and uses gentle cleansers. The Ear Care Formula will safely dissolve any wax build-up and will effectively remove any debris or dirt.

11. 24 inch Crate with adjustable divider- A crate is a must-have when getting a new puppy. The crate will be used for sleeping as well as potty training. It is their safe place and shouldn’t be used for punishment.

12. Pet Bed – A good quality pet bed allows your puppy to have his own bed. It will help with anxiety and deliver more of a safe place to hang out in.

If you decide to adopt one of our amazing puppies here at Blue Diamond Family Pups, let us know during our conversations and we can have any of the stuff ready to ship with your pup or have it ready when you pick them up at our kennel.